Living the American Dream: Alternative Ways to Get a US Residency

Immigrate in UtahA common way to immigrate to the United States is to have immediate family already living there. Rules for doing it this way, though, can be complex and slow. So how else can you enter?

There are two other major ways to get a green card. The first is to have professional skills that are in demand, earning your greed card through employment. The second major way is through investing.

First Things First

Find legal representation. An attorney who knows the ins and outs of immigration is necessary, says Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. Consider getting an immigration lawyer who practices in the area where you will be staying. If you choose to settle in Utah, for example, hire an immigration attorney in Utah. This will save you the trouble of long distance travel and any associated fees.

A Really Useful Citizen

Your path to immigration will be smoother if you are skilled in or belong to a career that is currently of high value. This can include those in healthcare, computer science, and engineering. Another way to use your career path as a means to immigrate is to transfer branches within your company. If the company you work for has a branch in the US and you are get transferred there, you may have an easier time processing your immigration papers.

Investing Your Way In

$500,000 is the minimum investment for an investor’s green card. This is not a payment made to the government but your investment in the country. Unless you double your investment, you have no control over where the government puts it. In this case, you are required to employ at least ten people and keep it up for two years. Only after two years will you get a permanent green card. This amount may potentially be lowered should you choose to invest in an area with a high unemployment rate.

Be Prepared

If you are unfamiliar with life in the US, it can take some time to adjust. Read about the place you plan to move to. Once there, befriend your neighbors. Getting to know the area you live in is one of the best ways to get comfortable with life as an immigrant.