Legal Issues Surrounding Same-sex Adoption

Kid with same-sex parentsRaising a child is among the most significant decisions in an individual’s life. This applies to same-sex couples too. With that said, it is important to understand the legal ramifications of adoption among same-sex couples.

Same-sex couples are often faced with legal challenges when deciding to become a family with kids. This is because of the belief that the traditional family consisting of a man and a woman is better for raising children.

The Adoption Qualifications

According to Family Law Attorneys in Denver, same-sex couples in Colorado are legally entitled to adopt a child through kinship, second parent, and stepparent adoptions. If a child has a single legal parent, they could qualify for a second parent adoption. The individual seeking to adopt the kid is not required to be married to their partner.

Importance of Honesty

It is not uncommon to find gay couples resorting to lying about their status to adopt. In such instances, one of the partners goes to adopt while the other pretends to be a friend or roommate. It is, however, imperative to observe honesty when adopting.

While omitting specific information has no legal consequences, it is illegal to lie when asked a specific question. This is considered fraud and your adoption request could get denied.

The Rights and Duties of the Parents

Just like in heterosexual arrangements, the legal parents of a child in a same-sex relationship have the right to live with their child. They are also allowed to make major decisions about the kid’s education, health, and well-being. These parents are also required to support their child financially.

Adopting a child and becoming a legal parent involves critical rights and obligations. If you feel emotionally and financially ready to adopt, you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you navigate through the process.