LED Light Bars: Add Style to Your 4X4 Truck

truck headlightsInvesting in the third generation LED lights is one of the best ways of adding value to your vehicle. There is an array of LED light bars in the market. You can purchase and install them in your truck in less than 12 hours.

However, you need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the LED lights to function efficiently. Despite a higher price tag than the ordinary lights, their functionality and long-term benefits make them worthy. Here are facts about LED light bars you should know before placing your order.

Colour Variation

In the past, light bars were only manufactured with primary colours blue, green and red. Using new technology, manufacturers are now able to combine basic colours to create numerous variations. Choose a colour that complements your truck’s appearance.

Energy Consumption

Different light bars have varying energy consumption ratings. However, all of them have exceptional power-saving capabilities. The best models consume up to 85% less energy than the traditional automobile light bars. Some experts believe LED might replace the famous incandescent light bulbs altogether in the near future.


Conventional light bars are made from weak glass filaments that are highly prone to breakage when you exert force on them. Outbackequipment.com.au says LED lights have a sturdy cover that makes them versatile and capable of withstanding external forces. Because of its sturdiness, you don’t have to detach the bar from your truck when going for a road trip, as it can tolerate high temperatures comfortably.

LED lights contain no harmful chemicals that cause environmental pollution. They are environmentally friendly and safer than traditional light bars. Note that insufficient or a very high power supply can affect their performance negatively.