Lawn Mowing Patterns: What Are Your Options?

A modern backyard When you look at your backyard lawn, what do you see? Do you see a beautiful green lawn that is a pleasure to explore? Or does it appear messy that you do not know where to begin?

If you admire the appearance of greenery, then you know the advantages of getting a professional Minneapolis lawn mowing service for your lawns. What’s more, you could have your lawn mowed in patterns for a unique design and approach. The Lawnsmith presents some of the most popular patterns that you may want to consider.

Dark and Light Stripes

This is the most basic form of mowing pattern. It is achieved through pointing the grass blades in separate directions. You achieve the light stripes when the blades have to be pointed away from you.

If you need the pattern to be more conspicuous, you can press the rollers further to bend the blades for effect. The advantage of hiring professionals for the service that they have the tools and the expertise to achieve the effect.


While this type requires a bit more effort as opposed to the stripes, a professional mowing service can achieve it effortlessly. To achieve a perfect checkerboard mow, start with the edges of the lawn, then across the lawn back and forth in the same direction. After finishing, the perimeter should be mowed again to make it neat.


If you are seeking to give your yard a modern and fresh stripping, you could use the same procedure as for a checkerboard. But instead, mow in a diagonal direction to the preceding pattern. This will create a diagonal crisscross effect on the lawn.

So, how do you achieve a lively healthy lawn all year round? Always apply the rule of one third: never remove more than a third of the grass blade at any given time. Your grass will never be below 2.5 cm; hence, it will not eat into its nutrients trying to grow back in shape and size.