Lawn Care to Do Now for a Healthy Lawn Next Year

Gardener Mowing The LawnWhen it comes to the lawn, the work you put in now will not be immediately seen tomorrow. You’re preparing for next season, which is winter, a difficult time for the lawn and for anything to grow and stay healthy. You’re also preparing for next year’s spring, so you should not wait long to act.

Here are some lawn care tips to get you started.

Fertilize the Lawn

Now is the perfect time to fertilize the lawn, to give them a head start for next year. Lawn fertilization should be done using a high nitrogen, fast release product this November. This gives your lawn plenty of time to absorb the fertilizer and be in great condition next year. It’s also an excellent time to use herbicides, as weeds in Salt Lake City are more susceptible to treatment while transporting carbon to their roots.

Cut the Grass Short

You don’t want to scalp the lawn, but you need to cut the grass shorter gradually. This is to prevent snow mold and other fungi. Shorter grass will not matt under snow cover, so your lawn will be prepared to thrive in winter’s snowfall. You can also use the additional grass cuttings to fertilize the lawn, so don’t bag them. If you have compacted soil, you may need to aerate the lawn at this time, too.

Start Working on Your Vegetable Garden

If you’re planning a vegetable garden for next spring, it’s time to put in the work now. This season’s vegetable garden will need some cleaning up, so start pulling or cutting out plants to the base. Make sure all fallen fruits and dried leaves are bagged, as well. You can also make compost out of vegetable plants, to add organic material back into the soil.

When it comes to gardening, you reap what you sow. Put in the effort now to get a healthy garden next spring.