Laser Cutting: Giving You a Cutting Edge

construction siteLaser cutting technology refers to the use of laser to cut different construction materials. In this kind of industrial cutting, an output of high-power laser is directed through optics or via automated computer control on a piece of material that needs cutting. Due to high-power laser beams, the material either vaporizes, melts, gets blown away or burns.

Before the introduction of the laser cutting technique using precision lasers at the industrial level, plasma cutting was the common method. But, compared to the latter, laser cutting offers more advantages. Here is a brief discussion from Laser Tools Co:

More Precision

First, laser cutting enables the cutting of a sheet of metal such aluminum or steel with greater precision. This is a highly important requirement in any industrial set up where small machine parts or accurately made items are desired. In fact, with laser technology, it has now become possible for industries to cut even complex shapes without the need for extensive tooling. Automated laser cutting is so précised that users can even obtain nearly radius-free inner edges.

Better Finish

Compared to plasma cutting, laser cutting gives a better, smoother edge to the cutwork piece. When a metal sheet is cut using laser, you won’t have any worry over burrs or dust formation. This ensures that the material remains undamaged even after cutting.

Other Important Advantages

Laser cutting also offers the following advantages:

  • requires less energy
  • no wear and tear of the cutting tool
  • material remains undamaged, as there is no surface-to-surface contact
  • also applicable to thick materials
  • no adverse effect on the material due to heat generated during cutting
  • circuit board is utilized to the fullest, as there is no need to keep space free for cutting channels
  • possible to separate fitted printed boards using laser cutting
  • no need for a protective cover or a tensioning device

Laser cutting technology offers any manufacturing service a cutting edge in its operations.

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