Key Features of a High-Quality Hunting Knife

blunt knifeHunting is one of the best hobbies nowadays. There are many factors that determine the success of your hunting expedition, but the primary one is your hunting gear. Among the must-haves in your equipment is the hunting knife.
You will need the knife for skinning, deboning, filleting, and butchering, among other uses. When choosing from the many knives available in hunting shops in Michigan, there are some key features to consider to get the best product. D&R Sports Center

Full Tang

Knives with a full tang have their blade extending up to their handles. These knives are considered the strongest since the handle carries the blade’s strength. Full tang knives are typically heavier compared to partial tang ones but only moderately. For most hunters, however, the weight of the knife justifies its reliability.

Comfortable Handle

The handle of your hunting knife should be comfortable and strong to enhance your hunting experience. There are many options for your knife’s handle. Leather and wood might be fashionable but are not weather-resistant while bone knife handles are fragile. The best material options for your hunting knife’s handle are hard rubber and synthetic materials.

Stainless and Carbon Steel Blades

Your knife’s flexibility, strength, and durability are primarily influenced by the blade you choose. The best options for a blade that embodies all these qualities are carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is cheap and easy to sharpen but prone to rust while stainless steel is rust-resistant but hard to sharpen. To benefit from the good qualities of both materials, there are some blades made from carbon stainless steel.

After getting the best-quality hunting knife, proper care is essential. Always store the blade in a sheath when not in use during your hunt. For long-term storage, clean and dry the knife and then wrap it in a plain paper and store it in a plastic bag with a desiccant.