Keeping the Faith: Learning to Trust God

Trust GodBelieve it or not, many people find it difficult to turn to God in times of problems, sickness, despair, and discontent. When times are hard and things are not going your way, you may also begin to question your faith in His promises and worry yourself with endless thoughts about the future.

When you feel like your trust in Him is waning, remember that your faith in Him is greater than your circumstances. You should not base faith on your current situation or trust God only in “good times.” shares what you can do to put complete trust and faith in Him:

Surrender Your Life

Let God be the master of your life and everything you do. Always turn to Him for guidance and strength, and put your confidence and trust in Him. Let God dwell in your heart and lean on Him for everything in your life. Move from worry to worship and realize the God is in control of every situation. Keep in mind that God wants to help you, and He will help you.

Know God More

Learning to trust God includes getting to know more about His life and character. This is why it helps to read the bible, attend church services, and do community service. When you surround yourself with thoughts of His words, you will find it easier to trust and believe in Him. You also need to know how dependable He is and how He can support you no matter what.

Think Straight

Your mindset will affect your mood, attitude, and actions. It is important to think straight and have focus to live with enough faith. Don’t let worries and negative thoughts consume you. Think positive and look for blessings around you that are praiseworthy. Keep in mind that your faith will grow or fail depending on your thoughts in life.

Don’t live with fear and trust God without any second thoughts. He is the only one you can depend on, no matter what life brings you. Greater trust in Him will lead to you greater strength and confidence.

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