Jewelry Disasters: 3 Common Things That Can Damage Your Diamond

Many women underestimate the risk of damaging their diamonds. It may be the hardest mineral substance, but they are also prone to damage.

If you are thinking of buying loose diamonds, you may want to know the common things that can damage it. This way, you would know how to take good care of it. Many people know that you can destroy diamonds by simply hitting it with another rock, but there’s more to that.

Here are some things you should never do while wearing diamonds:

loose diamonds


The chlorine in swimming pools can eat away certain kinds of metal. Swimming every day in a chlorinated pool, for instance, can damage settings and mountings. Chlorine reacts with diamond and makes it brittle or fades away the brilliance. Swimming in cold water can cause your fingers to shrink and your diamond can easily slip off your finger without you even knowing. Don’t wear it in the shower, as you may drop it accidentally and damage it.

Washing the dishes

Wearing your ring while doing the dishes is a bad idea. Don’t overlook its potential for diamond-related disasters. Dish soaps can discolor and damage the stone. Everyday exposure to household chemicals can cause buildup that will dull your diamond’s sparkle. Always wear gloves or remove your jewelry.


Whether you’re lifting weights or having a vigorous workout at the gym, it creates a risk for cracks in the stone. When you’re busy, you’re not paying close attention to your diamond jewelry. Kim Kardashian once admitted that she didn’t wear jewelries to the gym. During your exercise, you will sweat profusely and your skin will become slippery. All these will help make your jewelry more likely to fall. Put it somewhere for safekeeping to avoid dirt and grime.

It’s better to remove your diamonds from time to time. This will be a good safety measure to observe before you choose from the large selection of loose diamonds for sale.