Is There Wisdom in Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Dental Visit in Salt Lake CityA routine visit to the dentist for general cleaning and check-up may result in him giving you advice to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Your first instinct would probably to say no, as most people think that they only need to be removed once they cause pain, but this may not always be correct.

What are wisdom teeth?

Salt Lake City dentists define wisdom teeth or third molars as permanent teeth that erupt when a person reaches the age of 17-24. Wisdom teeth become useful later on in life, especially aiding in chewing coarser, rougher food, but there are instances when they have to be removed.

Removing as a preventive measure

The growth of wisdom teeth may cause other complications, such as damaging other teeth, jaw damage, overbite, inflamed gums, cavities and dental misalignment, are usually accompanied by pain. However, pain is not the only indicator that wisdom teeth need to be removed. There are times when the teeth do not fully erupt and remain tucked under the gums, blocked or impacted. If this is the case, the problems will come eventually and it is better to have the teeth removed early as the bones in the teeth become harder, and, therefore, more difficult or painful to remove.

Trust your dentist’s advice

Your dentist will help you make the decision on how best to approach your dental problems. By looking at your mouth, the positioning and alignment of your teeth, and the gaps or spaces between your teeth, your dentist can tell whether your wisdom teeth is likely to give you problems or not. Regular dental check-ups can also help detect impacted and blocked teeth early, allowing you more time to prepare and learn more about the dental procedure, long before any complication or pain ensues.

In any case, a healthy set of teeth begins with a proper consultation. Find a dentist who not only will take good care of your teeth, but will also make you feel at ease and comfortable all throughout.