Internet Use in Australia: How It Affects Commerce

Internet Use in AustraliaAccording to the ITU — the specialised agency of the United Nations for ICTs or information and communication technologies — there are more than 21 million people in Australia, or 93.1% of the population, that use the Internet, based on data as of December 2014. Other sources report almost 5.5 million broadband connection subscribers, or almost 25% of the population, in 2012. The Census Bureau estimates that the number of Internet users in 2015 has reached almost 22.8 million, from the just 6.6 million in 2000 cited by the ITU.

With these numbers and their incredible growth, Australia has become one of the 50 countries around the world with the most widespread Internet penetration. More than 90% of the population accesses the web through different devices; this is extremely high by any standard, Bambrick Media cites.

The Internet’s Effect on Business

All those numbers are indicative of one thing, at least: business is heavily dependent now on the power of the web to reach people and supply different needs. It is not only a portal through which needs are answered; the Internet is a ‘preferred’ way. People would rather use the Internet to shop for goods or services, learn about almost anything, connect with others, do their jobs and keep themselves occupied than any other way. This means you cannot discount the power of the Internet to improve your business. With such figures, why on earth won’t you use Brisbane search engine optimisation to strengthen your web presence?

Why People Choose the Internet

If a company has a website, chances are its commercial activity will either be divided into what’s generated by the website and what actual shops offer, or be eventually moved entirely to the online store. This is because people are more likely to choose the Internet counterpart of practically any business. If people could use their computer or iPhone to wash their clothes, laundry shops would be entirely online operations.

Customers want convenience. They want instant solutions to their problems. They don’t care about the traffic or the long lines; they care for what’s fast and what seems to be a service dedicated to them as individuals.

Whatever some say about the alleged death of SEO, the industry is alive and well and probably getting stronger. Use it. Your company’s success depends on SEO and other online activities that help with your promotion.