Interior Decorating Ideas for a Mexican-Inspired Home

Mexican-Inspired HomeAre you reminiscing about a recent trip to Mexico? Do you want to pay homage to your Mexican heritage? Do you love the country’s laid-back and fun vibe? Bring Mexico right into your home with these simple, quick, and beautiful interior design ideas.

Bright Colors

Get as many bright hues as you can into your home. Start with your entrance, and buy doors painted in bright colors. Try a vivid red, deep blue or any shade that complements your home. You can also buy multi-colored tapestries to liven up a living room or bedroom.

Spanish Tiles

A Mexican-inspired home will never be one without using Spanish tiles. These tiles come with distinctive, intricate patterns and vivid colors. You can use them as kitchen backsplash, bathroom tiles, or detailing on exterior or interior flooring.


Create an Old-World-meets-New-World Mexican home with vintage accents for your living room. Try mixing antique knick-knacks, such as candelabras, silver or wooden crosses, chests and luggage (as coffee tables), and vibrant bowls.


Wooden elements create a beautiful contrast against the shiny Spanish tiles and strong solid colors found in your home. Complement brightly colored walls with wooden floors, or add wooden cabinetry for your tiled kitchen and bathroom.

Tropical Plants

Make your space feel airy and light with tropical plants, such as palm or orchids. Don’t have a green thumb? Try plants that are easy to maintain. Aloe is perfect for your Mexican-inspired home and peperomias can create a lively focal point.

Designed Windows

Mexican homes have unique windows: big, arched, and decorated with wrought iron grills. If you have a bigger budget, add some stained glass, too.


Bring warmth to your space with beautiful, ornate fabrics. You can hang them as curtains or as cover for your four-poster wooden bed. They also work as a striking addition to your sofa.

What better way to wake up each morning than to feel as though you’re always in Mexico. With a mix of complementary, bold colors and a few attractive pieces, your home will look and feel vibrant.