How to Troubleshoot Common Concrete Sealing Problems

Concrete Sealing Problems in OgdenMost people are having problems with the concrete sealing after they have purchased and they end up blaming it on the manufacturer or the brand. Others end up blaming themselves for not having the experience to enable them to choose the right quality. However, the truth is that a number of these problems are brought about by over application or even application in a not so ideal condition.

According to, no matter the cause of the concrete sealer problem you are experiencing, you can easily identify and solve it. This article has highlights some problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Sealer bubbled

This is a problem brought about by over application of the sealer. Over application creates some bubbles that pop up. These bubbles can also possibly pop up if the sealer is applied in a hot weather condition. This will cause the concrete sealer to skin over on the surface and dry even before the solvent has evaporated. To prevent this, it is advisable that you apply the sealer thinly so as not to give room for bubble formation.

Sealer flaking off

Two reasons are attributed to why your sealer will turn white and start flaking off. First, it will turn white if the coat is too thick. A thick coat will lead to a buildup of moisture under the sealer over time, and this will lead to flaking off of the concrete sealer. Another reason it will turn white is if the surface is wet due to the presence of bleeding water.

White powdery feel on the surface

This problem is mostly brought about by various factors that include temperature and humidity of the environment. If the temperature happens to be very low during application, the solvent evaporates before the water does and this results to a white and powdery surface. You can consult to know the recommended weather condition for its application.

Concrete sealers prone to stains

Some concrete sealing does not provide resistance to stains from things like grease, fertilizers or even tires. This inability can be frustrating because scrubbing off the stains can be hectic and tiresome. However, there is a solution to preventing the sealers from getting stained.  You can prevent this through the application of a recommended coating system.

You can also counter all the above problems through consulting some of the concrete sealing experts in Ogden. It is also advisable to read the application manuals attached to the products before using them.