How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Website for Holiday Sales

online shop template on laptopWhen you have an e-commerce store, you need to start prepping for the holiday sales right about now. You can’t possibly get into the top spots in Google overnight, right? You also need to optimize your site for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That said, here are some easy tips to help you prepare your holiday SEO campaign:

Create Your Holiday Gift Pages

Think about special landing pages and categories that make sense for the holiday season and make certain that the category or landing page, keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions all fit the holidays. You could likewise tweak existing holiday or special occasion pages, and then link these to your holiday landing pages. Do this at least 40 days to 60 days before major holiday sales so that search engines would have ample time to notice your links in time for the holidays, advises an SEO expert from a top online marketing company in Hollins, Roanoke, VA.

Think About Specific Product Selections

The holidays are a great time to introduce new products to the market—you know, because of the spending that people are inclined to do this time of the year. You could likewise start optimizing product pages for your current and potential bestsellers.

Share your Holiday Pages Now

Share your optimized pages on all your social media accounts as early as now so people could save them, put them on their wish lists, and share them. Consider creating a holiday gift guide by simply adding posts that make sense in this category so that people would have an easier time finding things in your site, and perhaps sharing them.

Ensure That Your Site is Optimized for Mobile

Even if you’re certain that your website is already mobile-optimized, double check to see what you could about the speed because holiday shopping could be crazy. Otherwise, you risk losing potential sales from impatient shoppers who can’t be bothered with slow loading pages.

Once you’re all set, think about how you could monitor your actions for this holiday. Pay attention to organic traffic, rankings, bounce rate, time on-site as primary indicators of areas to improve and success. This is extremely vital so that you could determine where you need to focus on come the next holiday season.