How to Prepare for a Trip to Tokyo

Dense buildings in Minato-ku, Tokyo JapanTokyo is one of the most populated and advanced cities in the world. The word “Tokyo” means “eastern city,” and it is home to thousands of temples and the Imperial Palace, which is the primary residence for the Emperor of Japan as well as Tsukiji, the largest market in the world. If you are planning to visit Tokyo, there are plenty of things to see and do.

However, before you set out on your trip, you need to prepare yourself adequately. You should know the places to visit. Also, find out where to stay while in Tokyo. These tips can help make your trip worthwhile:

Travel Documents

Ensure that all your travel documents are in order two to three months before the date of the trip. Consider purchasing insurance from an international provider in case you might need medical attention. You should also e-mail copies of your travel documents to the Australian embassy in Tokyo, letting them know when you are scheduled to be in Tokyo.

Transport and Currency

Research the modes of transportation in the country so that you will know how much they cost. Choose between bus travel and taxi services depending on your travel budget. You should also convert your cash to the local currency for convenient transactions. Familiarise yourself with the currency and notify your local bank that you will be travelling and accessing your bank account online.

The Culture

Learn the dos and don’ts of Japanese culture. For example, don’t tip, pour soy sauce on rice, point at people, sneeze in public, or wear shoes indoors. Courtesy is essential in Japan.

Check the weather forecast before packing clothes for your visit. If you are travelling with children, make sure that you select a spacious place that won’t restrict their play. Getting everything in order in advance can make your trip enjoyable.