How to Find a Wholesale Distributor for Your Business

a man in a factoryWhen you are running a brick and mortar business, it is crucial for you to have a wholesale distributor who can supply your business with the necessary merchandise. Here are some tips to help you find the best drop shipper or supplier for your retail store.

Understand the Distribution Channels of Your Industries

Different industries have varied ways of moving goods from the manufacturer to the retailer. Having a clear understanding of the channels of your industry’s distribution is vital in knowing how best to acquire your supply. You may need to directly source from the supplier, an exclusive or regional distributor, or from a direct delivery guy who does daily rounds.

In most cases, sourcing directly from the manufacturing company will always help you close a good deal for the pricing. A company like Centerline Drivers with a local truck driving placement service can source a reliable driver for you.

Finding your Best Wholesaler

In cases where the manufacturer does not have a direct sales policy get a list of wholesale suppliers from them. Contact each one of them and find out what they provide in terms of the unit price for wholesale. You should also know more about their minimum stock order requirements. It is important that you be honest with what you are in need of, and maintain a cordial and friendly approach.

Major B2B Marketplaces Can be of Help

Alibaba, being the greatest college for manufacturers, distributors and importers worldwide, can make great contacts that can keep your supply high. Other marketplaces are Global Sources and Buyer Zone based in the USA. A safe way to know who is the best fitting for you is to join professional forums and industry groups. Your competitor retailers may not want to share their sources from you.

Build relationships with industry insiders and subscribe to industry newsletters. These will always keep you aware of whom to contact for supplies.