How Much Should You Pay for Gas Fireplace Installation?

Gas fireplaceU.S. households may expect to pay around $2,100 on average for a gas fireplace installation, although some may spend up to $6,500.

The usual price range for this project normally costs between $870 and $3,470. If you live in Utah, the cost of installing a gas fireplace for Salt Lake City homes by firms such as Comfort Solutions may vary based on certain factors.

Cost Breakdown

You should take note of the cost of fireplace materials and labor when planning a budget for an installation project. A customized unit may entail more complicated work; hence the overall price would be more expensive.

Most vent-free gas fireplaces cost $400 on average, yet the cost of installation may reach up to $1,000 if you want a propane tank connection. Ventilation and wiring may require a combined bill of $3,300, depending on the scope of work.

When choosing a type of fireplace, it’s best to consider post-installation expenses such as cleaning and maintenance. A wood-burning fireplace, for instance, requires more frequent clean up than a gas unit.

Value Enhancer

Residential fireplaces also enhance the value of your property, so consider installing one before you plan to sell the house. An outdoor fireplace may involve a higher price, but the chances of attracting more buyers become higher.

You could have a furnace installed at your backyard or simply have a fire pit next to a cozy spot. During good weather, most people want to spend time outdoors. If you’re concerned about fire safety, some electric units can be a good alternative.

Whichever unit you choose, remember to clean them regularly even if you’re not expecting buyers to check the place.


A fireplace may not only be a necessary addition to your home during cold weather but also improve the value of the property if you intend to sell it. You should only hire a professional when planning to install a regular or custom unit at home.