How Living Near Water Can Improve Your Life

Luxury house in front of a lakeIf you want to be more mindful and feel calmer, you might want to consider relocating to a home near the beach, a lake, harbor or even a reservoir. You can try visiting waterfront homes for sale in Rockport, says Rockport Properties, Inc. Here are the top reasons living near blue spaces is worth a try:

Reduces stress

A 2016 joint study by the University of Canterbury, Michigan State University, and the University of Otago has found that being able to see a body of water from where you set down your roots can reduce psychological distress. The researchers considered everything including income levels, lifestyle and other personal circumstances. In this study, blue spaces trumped green spaces or living near trees.

Promotes optimism

Apart from its apparent beauty, water is also believed to evoke images from happy vacations and holidays with loved ones. Moreover, from a more primal and evolutionary perspective, researchers from the United Kingdom believe that humans have always formed communities and civilizations around bodies of water because they support life and livelihood. The association with early human settlements brings forth a sense of empowerment and optimism.

Provides bonding opportunities

Living near blue spaces is simply a great way to form new memories. In this age when kids are glued to smartphones, bodies of water provide alternative recreational activities that can be enjoyed with siblings, pets and the whole family. It brings them closer to nature allowing them to appreciate the beautiful outdoors.

So significant are the scientific and anecdotal observations on the calming effect of water on the human mind that a pan-European research initiative called Blue Health is trying to quantify the impact with the hopes of informing future urban development. If you are seeking new and better ways to cope with modern-day pressures and challenges, find a blue space that feels right for you. Remember that science has already spoken and believes waterfront homes to be a great investment.