How Does Corrosion Under Insulation Affect Commercial Buildings?

Photos of a buildingCorrosion Under Insulation (CUI) has become a major issue in terms of maintaining metal and concrete infrastructure, as the state of the corroded material can be invisible to the naked eye.

The best way to prevent this involves a routine maintenance and inspection of your facilities and equipment, which can be done by a corrosion control specialist. Otherwise, the consequences of overlooking CUI could be disastrous for your business and workplace safety.

Cost of Corrosion

CUI affects insulated equipment in chemical plants, refineries, hospitals and even a local bakery. As it occurs from the inside, it can be easy to overlook that your metal equipment already has some form of corrosion.

The cost of asset maintenance from corrosion amounts to around $32 billion in Australia per year, with CUI and other forms of avoidable damage accounting for $8 billion. In New Zealand, it could be more or less than this figure. A NACE International study estimated that the economic impact of corrosion costs $2.5 trillion each year. It is, therefore, important that companies know how to maintain corrosion-free facilities and infrastructure.

ACA Awareness

Some ways to be updated on modern corrosion-prevention techniques include signing up for the Australasian Corrosion Association’s (ACA) training programmes. The ACA, which provides awareness on industry corrosion in Australia and New Zealand, plans to hold several technical and training courses in June.

These events will particularly address the problems of CUI in new or old equipment, aside from knowing its root causes. The series of workshops will run for two days each in Perth and Sydney, as well as in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Corrosion occurs in all concrete buildings and metal equipment. While it is bound to happen at some point, it does not necessarily mean you should ignore it.