How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

Dental ImplantEveryone knows that Harley Street is where the best medical specialists practice sin the 19th Century. A dentist in Harley Street have no problems with dental implants if that is what you need, although the costs can be quite high.

Here are some ways dental implants can improve your life.

You Look Younger

Missing teeth can make you look older in many ways. A missing tooth anywhere visible is unseemly, of course, but even when it is way in the back, it can still affect how you look. Teeth give your face structure. If you have enough teeth missing for long enough, your cheeks will start to sink in. Your remaining teeth will also start to move and look crooked. If you have dental implants, you get back the support your face needs to keep you looking younger longer.

You Maintain Bone

Dental implants keep your jawbone intact. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone where it used to be starts shrinking almost immediately together with the gum. The jawbone needs stimulation to keep it from shrinking. Over a few years, it would thin and shorten unless something takes the place of the missing tooth. This can cause the gums to recede and affect your remaining teeth.  Many people start losing more teeth when they do not do something about missing teeth.

You Avoid Dentures

One option for missing teeth is dentures. While modern dentures are a lot better than they were a few decades ago, they are still uncomfortable to wear. Even with improved materials and better fit, they make talking and eating hard, and they pop out at embarrassing moments. They also do not look like natural teeth. Moreover, they do not prevent bone loss.

Dental implants may seem expensive, but they are the best way to manage missing teeth. However, you need sufficient bone to qualify for implants.  You cannot wait too long after losing a tooth to get them. These benefits should be enough to convince you to invest in them as soon as possible.