How are Mortgage Rates Determined? The Must-Knows

Housing Loan

Anyone desires to have their own dream home. But, this is probably the largest purchase one will ever make. That is why applying for a mortgage makes sense to many people. Though no one wants to pay high mortgage rates. Therefore, knowing the factors that determine how much interest you pay is crucial, says

Credit Score

Your credit score helps your lender to determine how reliable you are in repaying your loan. The credit score is calculated from your credit report, which is a report that shows your loans repayment history. If you have low credit score, you get high-interest rates and vice versa. It is advisable to get your credit score before application for a loan so as to correct any mistakes.

Down Payment

When you make a higher down payment, your interest rates are likely to be lower.  This is because you have a lesser risk of failing to repay the loan since you have a higher stake in the property.

Loan Terms

Short term loans have lower interest rates while long-term loans have higher interest rates. The high-interest rates on long-term loans are because the lender will have to wait for long before they receive their money and this increases the risk. Additionally, short term loans have higher installments while long-term loans have lower installments thus higher rates.

Home Location

Different lenders charge different mortgage rates depending on the location of the state. For instance, building a house in rural areas can be more complicated than in the urban areas. The interest rates in the rural area are therefore likely to be higher than urban areas. When estimating your interest rates, it is important to consider the location as well as getting a loan from the local lenders.

It is important to determine the factors that determine your interest rates so that you can plan for the future.