Hostel Activities for Your Backpacking Guests

Room interior design of a hostelTravellers stay in hostels for many reasons. Some stay for the cost, while others remain for the social vibe. Hostels are also popular for offering unique and fun activities tailored to the backpacking community.

If you are thinking of putting up your own hostel or you are already halfway there but still conceptualising ideas to attract guests, here are social activities that you might want to consider.

Backpacker-style exclusive tours

According to the consumer research report of Tourism Australia, events related to food and wine and the country’s natural spots are important to tourists.

Offering exclusive and unique tours to places within a few hours of Sydney such as Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains, therefore, can definitely benefit your hostel guests.

But add a backpacker vibe to it by considering a charter bus hire here in Sydney that can play good music all the way to the location and hiring a hippie tour guide.

Barbecue night

Does your hostel have a roof deck? Hold a barbecue night weekly where you can serve free food to your guests. Not only will this encourage socialisation but it can also attract future tourists to stay in your place. Do not forget the golden rule to this special event: bring your own beer.

Pub crawl

Pub crawls or guided tours to various bars and clubs in the city are common, but make it unique by mixing it with a pub quiz or adding a popular culture theme. Want to make it wilder? Do a Tour de France crawl by downing a glass of French wine in every bar or restaurant in Sydney.

Morning Movies

Not every activity should be outside of the hostel or with a glass of beer. Set up the movie screen in the morning as your guests have breakfast. Who knows? It might just spark a good discussion in the end.


These are just some of the activities you can do for your backpacker guests. There are so much more to do to provide your hotel tenant clean fun while in your place.