Granny Flats: The Housing Option for All Ages

granny flatsSome Australians choose to share a room with a stranger because of housing affordability issues. This is ideal for younger people who live in Perth and other cities where renting a flat on your own can be costly. When you are older, however, you want to have some privacy.

By all means, go for the granny flat of your liking. Close the door on the traditional and open up to that stylish design. Granny flat prices in Perth are affordable and worth every penny. With or without your eyeglasses, look at these facts along with the cladding selections.

Awesome Designs for All Ages

You (and your partner, in case you have one) can enjoy your independence with the simple energy efficient designs. Find flats with two spacious bedrooms or one elegant room for single living purposes. Fashionable kitchens and restrooms complete the living quarters.

Though granny flats work for seniors wanting to keep their independence, developer says that they can also fit younger occupants. Rent it out for additional income or let your teenage kids have their own space.

No Problem with Picking a Cladding

With several granny flat cladding choices, decide on the right one based on your preference and budget.

Though fibre cement sheeting is not that noise resistant, it is cheaper than concrete panels. Meanwhile, the light sandwich panel comes pre-painted. Let the experts set it up to get top-notch thermal functionalities.

In double brick, huge maintenance costs are not your concern. It is practically unbreakable, functioning as a major sound insulator as well. Optimize its benefits by installing it at the facade. explains that double brick consists of two leaves joined with ties.

No matter your age, enjoy your independence and privacy. Take a good look at those granny flats and choose one that you like—for a good price.

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