Going Incognito

a woman with perfect teethTake one glance at any glossy magazine or billboard and it’s easy to see that a beautifully aligned set of teeth is the desired norm. The thing is, having straight teeth is not just about improving one’s appearance, far from it in fact. There are many health benefits from having straight teeth, from improved oral health to increased self-confidence.

It’s common knowledge that many people do not come pre-genetically packaged with beautifully straight teeth. It’s no wonder then that in Weybridge, Incognito braces are becoming increasingly popular. Incognito is the new generation of braces available from good dentists, such as Weybridge Orthodontics. One hundred per cent customised to fit precisely to each patient’s teeth, no two sets of Incognito braces are alike.

More Than Cosmetics

Results of people who have had their teeth straightened with Incognito in Weybridge extend far wider than mere appearance. Straightened teeth are easier to clean and can be flossed in a jiffy. Clean teeth are healthy teeth, meaning fewer trips to the dentist to fill cavities or remove built-up plaque in hard-to-reach places. In fact, instead of receiving bad news in the dentist’s chair, people with straight, well-maintained teeth are more likely to get a pat on the back and a ‘see you in six months’.

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Aesthetics

Nowadays, advances in technology mean that those looking to straighten their teeth no longer have to deal with long months of wearing unattractive braces. Patients can look forward to discreetly obtaining a smile they can be proud of with Incognito braces in practices in Weybridge. Incognito braces are placed behind the teeth, meaning they are invisible — great news for anyone who is concerned about wearing braces that show. Patients who have self-confidence issues related to their teeth, those who play sports (especially contact sports such as rugby), and wind instrument playing musicians can all benefit from Incognito. Imagine playing the flute with a pair of train tracks in the way!

The great thing is that nobody will know these braces are there unless the wearer chooses to let their secret out. Teeth will seem to magically straighten over the course of some months. Wearers of Incognito get effective and efficient tooth alignment with great aesthetics.