Glass Balustrades: Beautifying Balconies and Much More

glass balustradesDespite being a brittle material, glass is an integral part of architecture these days. Not just in windows and doors, but from the splashbacks in the kitchens to the balustrades in the balconies as well, glass has found a secure place for itself in many homesteads.

Among the many uses of glass in construction, one use that has come into prominence of late is in the making of balustrades. Indeed, glass balustrades are a choice among many homeowners today because of the contemporary touch and aesthetics they lend to a home.

Not a Brittle Glass Anymore

One reason glass is a favourite for balustrades nowadays is because the glass used is no ordinary one. Rather, construction uses a family of toughened glass of usually 10 -15mm thickness, which makes it quite durable and strong.

Other Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades Perth residents increasingly favour have other advantages, notably:

• They give an unhindered view of the other side unlike other opaque materials.
• You have a wide range of options with respect to colours and patterns.
• They make the area safer.
• The glass panels provide a windbreak.

The Many Uses of Glass Balustrades

In light of these advantages, glass balustrades not just beautify balconies, but add to the aesthetics of similar structures like staircases, pool fences, and other dividing purposes.

In all these applications, glass becomes a part of the balustrades either as an infill with an outer frame made of aluminium or wood, or even as the main structural component of the balustrade. The one key aspect to consider when installing a glass balustrade regardless of its purpose in the balustrade is its height to increase its safety and security.

Glass balustrades will beautify your balcony, staircase, pool or wherever else you use it in your home. They have an intrinsic elegance that goes well with any material, especially metal.

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