Giving Teeth a new face

dental veneersTeeth are in action most of the time and the work they do creates a lot of force. They bite through tough foods, they chew them into a paste to swallow. And they do this at least 3 times a day. Along with all that eating, teeth are busy making sure we speak clearly and sometimes they take a battering when we have an accident or get hit during contact sports. It’s not surprising that over the years, teeth can start to look worn, stained and damaged, and in need of some help to regain their natural beauty. One of the most popular ways to bring battered, worn teeth back to life is with veneers in Liverpool.

Veneers cover over imperfections, giving patients a brand new, blemish-free look. Veneers in Liverpool are sheaths made from dental porcelain and colour-matched to the patient’s teeth. They are available from various reputable cosmetic dentist clinics, including Liverpool Smile Studio.

It is worth shopping around for a dentist with a good track record when it comes to veneers, because, like most cosmetic procedures, it is possible for veneers to not look right. They can be too big for the mouth, or not butt up well enough against the gums. In 2013, singer LeAnn Rimes sued her dentist, claiming he had botched her veneers.

Getting Veneers

It generally takes 2 appointments to have veneers in Liverpool fitted. During the first, the dentist takes putty impressions of the teeth and these go off to a laboratory where technicians make the veneers. The dentist also prepares the teeth by removing a very thin layer of enamel. This allows the veneers to be in line with the rest of the teeth and also gives the dental adhesive a rough surface to bond to.

The Veneers are Fitted During the Second Appointment.

Veneers are very durable and can last for at least 10 years, provided the patient looks after them. This means a good oral health routine and not doing anything silly, like using the veneered teeth to take off bottle tops. People who want their teeth whitened need to do this before they have veneers, which do not respond to bleaching.