Getting Rid of Leaf Debris at Your Garden Without Too Much Effort

House GardenAs lush green leaves begin to transform into an array of different colours, it signals the coming of fall. Autumn does not only mean colder evenings, it can also mean that the leaves will start to fall, and trees will begin to be leafless before the winter starts. Autumn would also be a time when you have to exert some extra effort in keeping your garden free from any leaf debris.

Here are the many simple ways on how you can clean up your garden when leaves start to make their way onto the ground:

Use a Vacuum

There are many leaf and lawn vacuums available in the market today that could get rid of fallen leaves without putting too much work in using a rake. Some lawn vacuums are compact, easy to handle, and lightweight.

Use a Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a very convenient way to get rid of leaf debris. This machine works by mulching the fallen leaves into smaller pieces. The pieces will then be expelled into a bag, making it easier to collect them. Lawn mowers may range from as low as $499 to $6,799.

Hire a Professional Gardener

In Perth, hiring an experienced garden maintenance firm can help you a lot in keeping your garden free from any unwanted leaf debris, especially if you have a hectic day-to-day schedule. Furthermore, professional gardening firms also have an eye on how to keep your garden healthy. They may advise you with some gardening tips or provide you with some services that would keep your garden look healthy and beautiful.

Use Tarps or Nets

Placing tarps or nets under the trees can be a way in collecting fallen leaves with much ease. Collected leaves could then be transformed into compost, which can definitely make your garden healthier.

Waiting for all the leaves to fall down before taking care of your leaf debris situation is disastrous to you, your garden, and your home. Apart from the visual clutter fallen leaves might give you, thick leaf debris can kill your grass or lawn. In addition, fallen leaves that have not been removed on the gutters can result in water ponding, which makes your roof at risk of water leak.

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