Get gnashers that actually gnash

Woman with an open mouth smile holding a green appleWhat most people want their teeth to do is bite, chew and help them speak clearly. They want them to do this properly, and, when it comes to the biting and chewing bit that requires a lot of force. The average male chew exerts pressure of about 97kg or 200lbs. To be able to deliver that kind of chew means having a really stable base, and the only way to get that is with dental implants in Hampshire.

In Hampshire, dental implants require minor oral surgery. This is can be simple or complex, depending on various factors, and the best way to find out if any of these apply is to have a consultation with a dental surgeon such as those at Dental Implants Hampshire.

The importance of a strong jawbone

Complications can arise if there are problems with the jawbone. Due to the pressure that the implants, which are artificial tooth roots, have to be able to cope with, they need to be inserted into good, strong, healthy bone. If there has been no tooth in the desired spot for a while, there is a good chance that the bone in that area will have started to resorb. This is what happens when bone is not in use, it dissolves itself and sends the calcium and other nutrients back into the bloodstream for use elsewhere. The jawbone shrinks in size and loses density.

Time was, this meant people would not be able to have dental implants in Hampshire, but, these days, there are ways to solve this issue. People can have bone grafts, either using bone from elsewhere in their body or from an animal or synthetic source. They can also have a procedure known as a sinus lift. If the implants are for the upper jaw, they can have extra-long implants that go through the jawbone and up into the dense cheekbone above.

This does add time, weeks to months, to the implant journey, but many patients find it is worth the extra expense, effort and patience, in order to have teeth that will stay in place and perform their duties as teeth should.