Genuine Anti-Virus is Only Possible With Genuine Software

Man With PC Scanning FilesThey say that as long as you have anti-virus programs installed, then you’re good to go. But, when new viruses and computer threats break free on the Internet, a lot of people still get affected.

So, is this the fault of inadequate and incapable anti-virus? Yes and No.

Yes, if you’re talking about pirated anti-virus programs, and no if what you have is a genuine copy. Typically, according to IT Factory, cracked software (anti-virus, OS, programs) is by default, vulnerable. Since a hacker or cracker already tinkered with the program’s supposedly secured system, it means that it now possesses a chink or two in its defense. That is where new and out-of-database computer threats creep into the system.

But, if you’re a true believer of genuine products, then don’t worry. Below are some of the advantages you can expect from genuine anti-virus products and programs.

Real-time Updates

As previously mentioned, there are always new viruses navigating the Internet. If you don’t have an anti-virus program, then it’s very likely that it’ll invade your system as soon as you go online. That’s why an anti-virus program is extremely important to counter this. But, if you have a pirated one, it really can’t protect you; since only the genuine and registered programs receive the updates and patches consistently.

Manual Overdrive

Most anti-virus programs come with a special feature that lets the user cancel out a virus by deactivating the main computer. Known as ‘boot-time scan’, this special trick renders your computer inoperative until the programs finish its deep search and destroy function. Basically, a software technician does this, so if you have a counterfeit product, you can’t call for help.

Anti-virus programs are the quintessential securities for machines online. But, just like every technology on the planet, they still can’t self-sustain. That’s why the need for manual detection of new threats and viruses still rely on security experts. With this, pirating a product that doesn’t come with support from third-party intervention is as good as dysfunctional.