Fun and Protection at the Rodeo

Rodeo SafelyEvery year, you look forward to bucking the bronco and showing off your roping skills. You can’t wait to hear again the cheers from the crowd as you go after that calf. At the end of the day, your body feels sore and full of bruises and scratches. But who cares? What’s important is you had lots of fun and you look forward to next year’s rodeo. If the rodeo is very much a part of your life, know that you have a responsibility to yourself — your safety.

Not All Fun and Games

True. Joining the rodeo can really be fun but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. Even the most skillful and buffed cowboy or cowgirl gets hurt during the rodeo. You have seen how cowboys get dragged around after falling off a wild horse even with those rodeo clowns around. Can you imagine how it is to be stomped on a by a wild bull or steer? Or be rammed by a charging bull? That thought is enough to send chills crawling up your spine.

Keeping Yourself Protected

To enjoy and be safe during the rodeo, you need protection gear. According to the Star Tribune, young riders and experienced veterans are donning once-shunned protective headgear to protect their career and lives.

Investing in a good protection gear ensures you of yearly enjoyment and protection at the rodeo. Many stores offer a wide array of protective gear such as rodeo protective vest. Other protective gear that you might want to have are bull riding helmets and boots.

Some of these might be a bit pricey but that shouldn’t worry you. You may have gone over your budget in buying protective rodeo gear. That’s fine. What’s important is you’re guaranteed of total protection to have a long and healthy career in rodeo.