Frosted Glass Films: Better Safety, Better Privacy

Frosted Glass FilmsGone are the days when you had to buy heavy draperies to improve privacy at home. Even with such high-maintenance draperies, you were never safe against the glass shattering to bits.

Today, frosted glass films benefit all homeowners and commercial establishments. They have one thing in common: they wish to keep out unwanted intrusion, and to enhance the safety of their windows.

Better Privacy

The frosted glass film blocks the view of the outside. This eliminates distractions in an office setting and lets you do things in total privacy while at home. Cleargard Australia explains that with an application of this film, no more do you need to worry about neighbours trying to peek what you are up to!

Better Safety

Made of vinyl film, the frosted window glass film effectively holds the glass together, acting as a sort of glue even when vandals or thieves break the glass itself. It offers two primary benefits, one which is these intruders do not find entry, and second, it will prevent injury from glass shards.

Since these window films also improve privacy, thieves looking to ransack your home or office will not find anything of interest within from outside. Given this, they would likely wander off to some other building without this element of safety.

Other Benefits

The advantages of the frosted glass film do not end with these. In fact, these films also:

• Make your home or office look more attractive;
• Increase the property value of the structure;
• Make it look more contemporary;
• Allow for better entry of natural light while blocking the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun;
• Save loads on energy bills;
• Are easy to apply and remove – you can install them externally or internally;
• Are long lasting, versatile and affordable; and
• Available in a great range of designs and patterns, so you can find one that meets your requirements.

Frosted glass films are the new wave of protection and aesthetic design. They are easy and affordable, and do not take too much effort. They are what one would call a low-cost investment with huge returns.

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