From Trams to Musicians Club: Top Fremantle Activities You Should Not Miss

Fremantle CityThe port city of Fremantle is a sight to behold.

Apart from its proximity to bodies of waters like the humbling town of Vienna, Fremantle –or Freo – is a paradise that exudes both romance and adventureTied together with a well-preserved streetscape from the 19th century, the city port is home to lively crowds and a good mix of culture.

Typically, it’s hard to secure a place to stay in Freo because as an open port, the demand for accommodation is always at an all-time high. But, according to Be Fremantle, there are still Fremantle apartments you can try when your prior reservations don’t meet.

So, once you’re all settled, it’s time to explore. Below is a list of great things to see, feel, and do in Fremantle.

Market Visits

The public marketplace of Fremantle is one of the most populous and well-known buy and sell hub in Australia. Both locals and tourists visit for the local produce, indigenous products, regional fashion and jewellery and succulent food stalls.

Classic Harbours

Part of the port city’s main access points is also a destination filled with boardwalks, cafés and restaurants. Have a scenic, recreational immersion around the harbour with a fishing fleet and open water backdrop.

Fantastic Trams

A good way to feel the culture of Fremantle is to gloss over the beautiful sights of the city via the Fremantle Tram. Quickly hop in and hop off along the stops to explore every part of the city.

Go to Jail for a Visit

The Fremantle Prison offers a unique experience of walking along the solitary cells of this century-old place. A typical day pass lets you take a glimpse of the prison life in stories of convicts and their attempted escapes.

Fly by Night Musicians Club

Built in 1896, the Fly by Night Musicians Club is an iconic place for local musicians to showcase their talents. The club stages thousands of locals and international artists as a not-for-profit organisation.

Freo is an emerging tourist destination to check out. Apart from its fantastic atmosphere, everything you will ever want is literally in this port city.