From Innovative to Classic: The Curious Case of the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Truck

Classic cars in MidvaleA swanky and sweet ride adds to your style points–more so if the car you drive is a classic. There is something about classic cars that kindles nostalgia for days gone by.

Cars built in the 60s, 50s or even earlier elicit awestruck expressions because of their they fit the bill of ‘classic’. Who would’ve thought that a car released in the early 2000s would get the same response? Such is the case for the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Truck, whose short-lived days on the display room transformed it into a collectible.

To Be or Not to Be? A Dilemma of Style and Function

The Blackwood is a pickup truck from Ford’s Lincoln division and hit the market in 2002. The manufacturer wanted to go toe-to-toe with the Cadillac Escalade EXT in terms of style and substance.

Classic car dealers like Ardell Brown agree that if you want elegance, the Blackwood provides it with a sleek and elegant black interior and exterior. The redone truck bed turned into a trunk, while the plush carpeting and power tonneau added style points. The exterior of the car’s bed exemplified luxury with artificial burled black wood and aluminum pinstripes.

The designers probably became too enamored with the style of the pickup truck that they failed to realize its lack of versatility and actual function as a truck. The elegance and rear wheel drive only feature limited the Blackwood’s practicality on the road. The truck’s sticker price of more than $50,000 didn’t help its cause either.

Its supposed competition, the Cadillac Escalade EXT, lasted until 2013 while the Blackwood was on sale for just one model year.

What Makes a Classic?

The Classic Car Club has its own definition of classic, but the term differs from one club to another and, from one enthusiast to another.

The 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Truck’s one year showcase gives it an aura of uniqueness. Car collectors looking to brag about a car with a limited release will get one in this truck. The distinct features of the truck also add to its appeal as there are few vehicles that have a power tonneau and a redone trunk bed.

No matter how anyone defines the term, calling a car a classic is also up to the owner. Unique vehicles, even newer ones, may just as well become collectibles in the future.

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  1. I don’t strictly follow rules or definitions of what makes a classic. I just have an eye test and if I think it looks classic I’ll get it.

  2. This is interesting, I’ve always thought classic cars were decades old and this Lincoln model is just a little over a decade old.

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