Being Friends with Google: Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly

friendly seoAs your SEO consultant will never fail to advise you, ranking high in the search engine landing pages is essential to get greater web visibility. With many latest updates and localised search engine options present, you will need the help of SEO professionals to retain your ranking.

SEO professionals have qualifications to arrange the general layout and design for your site, research optimised keywords, and provide adequate technical guidelines. There are many ways in preparing the website for optimisation, such as the few tips below:

Relevant Information

Have very high quality content, both in terms of the text and illustrations on your home page. This is the most vital factor. You will have more visitors and will compel webmasters to link back to your website. Nu Studio advises webmasters to think like a customer and come up with words that the user will type in to find your site. Create an information-packed website that perfectly describes the services you provide or products you offer.

Good Backlinks

Ensure that other important and genuine websites link back to yours. Search engines use complicated matching techniques to display pages related to each search. The engine interprets this kind of backlinking as a vote case in favour of your page. Remember that these backlinks should be natural and developed due to the nature of your content, because search engines can tell the difference between a natural and unnatural link.


Incorporate a logical link structure within your website, so that each page is reachable easily from one static link. Use a good text browser to examine your site and ensure that the web navigator can easily find you online.

There are also some Don’ts, as above are most of the Do’s. The search engine can find artificial links and deceptive pages easily, so do not resort to such tactics. Hire legitimate SEO companies’ services to improve the flow and content of your websites. Do not create copies of web pages under different URLs.

Examine and clean up your website often. All this will ensure that your website does not receive penalties from any search engine and keep a strong web presence.

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