Frequently Asked Questions about Retainers

Woman holding retainersPeople will need some orthodontic work done at some point in their lives. Retainers are a common orthodontic treatment for people with minor cosmetic issues. Wearing retainers offers a number of benefits. However, if a person hears that they need retainers, a lot of questions may run through their head. To remove any confusion that you may have, here are a few commonly asked questions about retainers and their answers.

Why Do I Need Retainers?

There could be a number of reasons why your dentist would tell advise you to wear retainers. Generally, retainers are recommended to those who have just gotten their braces taken out. Retainers will keep your teeth in place and prevent it from moving after your braces have been removed. Some retainers work as standalone treatments for people with minor cosmetic issues.

Can I Choose Different Styles of Retainers?

Some people are ambivalent toward wearing retainers after wearing braces for so long. However as stated earlier, retainers are necessary to prevent your teeth from moving back to their pre-treatment position. Thankfully, there are different styles of retainers. You may get the options of either fixed or removable retainers. If you don’t want the traditional metal retainers, you may opt for invisible retainers. In today’s modern dental labs, you can have a retainer custom-made to your liking.

How Do I Keep My Retainer In Good Condition?

It is very easy to care for your retainers. Simply brush it with toothpaste regularly to keep it clean. It would also be good to make sure that your retainers are stored in a cool, dry place when you are not using them. That tip is especially important for metal retainers. If your retainers are under the sun or on a hot surface, the heat can cause the appliance to expand.

Retainers offer plenty of advantages to the user. Make sure you wear them as advised by your orthodontist.