Forgiveness is Divine — But Not Always

Unfaithful partner in DenverThey say forgiveness is divine, especially in a marriage. Your spouse is far from perfect; they are bound to disappoint you with forgotten anniversaries and misunderstandings. But instead of dwelling on their flaws, it pays to forgive, forget, and move on.

Forgiveness is the secret to a stronger relationship.  But in some cases, being too forgiving is also the secret to self-destruction.

When your spouse has an affair or constantly abuses you and the kids, should you still forgive or get in touch with a divorce lawyer in Denver?

The Unlimited Forgiveness Card: Does It Work?

As mentioned, your spouse is not perfect; they have flaws that disappoint you. Little mistakes are forgivable, but when they commit adultery or disrespect you physically and emotionally, should you keep on forgiving?

For some people, unlimited forgiveness represents their unconditional love. Even if their spouse continually disappoints them, they continue to forgive, thinking that it is only right. The relationship will survive if they forget their feelings and forgive. Even if their spouse hurts them, just forgive and forget.

But does it help?

There’s Always a Limit

Unfortunately, some spouses take forgiveness for granted. They think of “I’m sorry” as a magic word that sets everything right in the world. Some make sweeping declarations of change, promising they’ll turn over a new leaf, but end up in the same debacle.

As the forgiving spouse, that can be emotionally tiring for you.

You always get your hopes up, thinking your partner will definitely change this time. But when their grievances affect you (and the kids) to the core, it pays to know your boundaries. When your spouse hurts you emotionally and physically, forgive no more.

Love Yourself

Constantly forgiving someone who abuses your kindness is not worth it. It’s self-torture that doesn’t affect the offending spouse. It’s time to set the line and think about yourself and the kids. Do not let them hurt you anymore because frankly, you don’t deserve it.

Don’t let your selfish spouse get the best of you. When you see the relationship is a hopeless case, forget but do not forgive.