Food Trip: Why Visit Indian Restaurants in London

Indian Food in LondonIt is a must for every traveller to sample local cuisines every time they go out of town. This includes food that has a solid reputation in an area. If you are going to London, for instance, this means getting a taste of popular Indian cuisines, Chinese delicacies, Latin American flavours and many more.

Indian food is mostly slow cooked and is spicy, and they consist of a hodgepodge of ingredients. The way Indians combine ingredients are different from that of other nationalities, so eating an Indian meal in a popular restaurant can be a good experience for first-time travellers.

Kennington Tandoori and other restaurants list why you should try Indian dishes when visiting London:

Indian food is a worldwide favourite.

Many people around the world find Indian food delicious for its heavy doses of flavours, such as cardamom, tamarind and cayenne. Add to it the intoxicating aromas and mixture of spices and ingredients and you are in for a delightful dine-out in the city.

Dishes are labour intensive.

Indians are faithful to their traditional way of cooking, so they still go for traditional recipes. This means that no short-cut preparations happen like the use of stir-in sauces. Even dhabas or street canteens in London marinate their ingredients overnight and use a slow cooking method when preparing dishes.

Local favourites with an Indian twist.

Fusion dishes are what creative resident chefs in London are good at. If you think Indian food is too radical for your palate, you can always try menus that blend other cultures and tastes with it. This can be good for starters in a way that it adds some sense of adventure in your food tasting trips in London.

Indian food is a revelation.

While most people tend to use ingredients with complementing flavours, Indians do the other way around. Food scientists reveal that food in India comes with ingredients whose flavour components have least complementing. Odd pairing it may seem but this seems to work on Indian meals.

Whether you are a local or tourist in London, starting an Indian food adventure is not bad of an idea. Venture the city or ask guided tours to help you with get around during your food trip.