Florida Hardwood Floors – Ways to Select Them for Your Needs

Hardwood FloorsOne of the most elegant flooring options you can pick for your home is a hardwood floor. Solid wood comprise a hardwood floor, but it is not just a simple wooden floor. A hardwood floor features wood sanded and shaped specifically for this purpose. This makes hardwood flooring scratch-free, and susceptible to any kind of finish.

Hardwood floors are a good addition to a home; it lends sophistication to the interiors. Here is a guide on how to choose the right hardwood flooring.

Wood Type

About Floors n More suggests asking yourself a question before you begin: “What kind of hardwood flooring do I need?”

Hardwood types vary in terms of their durability, grain patterns and color. For example, the most common ones known for their hardness are the maple, cherry and oak varieties. Other types such as mahogany and Brazilian Cherry are not as durable, but popular because of their visual appeal.

Hardwood Texture

In Florida, hardwood flooring is available in two general textures: shiny and new, or rugged and antique (such as distressed or handcrafted ones with a timeworn appearance). It all depends on your preference, and the design of the interiors. Complement the texture of the hardwood floor with the overall theme of the house – a minimalist, post-modern style does not go well with the elegantly rustic vibe of a hardwood floor, for instance.

Floor Hardness

A busy home with several children and pets needs the hardest wood species. Hard species like red oak can withstand abuse from active little feet and paws, whereas softer types like pine tend to be scratch-prone.

Consider the location, type of subfloor and installation method to choose between engineered or solid hardwood.


A finish provides an extra protective layer, color, and luster. Some commercially available hardwood floor panels and tiles come pre-finished, ready for installation.

Hardwood flooring is one of the best ways to tell visitors that you are a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Shop around for the best deals and the type of design you want before contacting a flooring company to install it for you.

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