Find Out About Insurance Coverage of Roof Damaged Due to Storm

Roof DamagedThe largest part of your home that is exposed to natural elements is your house’s roof. If you are considering re-roofing your house, then discuss it with your financial advisor regarding the insurance claim. Moreover, re-roofing can also prevent further damage to your home. However, the most important question being the cause of the damage. If your roof has been damaged due to a storm, then you must ask for the specific type of reimbursement.

Some details regarding insurance claim with regard to roof damage are as follows:

  • Evaluate the damage: Before you decide to begin reroofing, you should first evaluate the amount of damage. This will help you understand whether you need to do a complete reroofing or only certain sections of the roof needs to be repaired. You can then decide on the insurance claim.
  • Check with your mortgager: If your house has been mortgaged, discuss it with the financial institute regarding the extent of damage. The company will be able to provide you with more precise details as to how much insurance reimbursement that you require.
  • Endorsing the check: If your home has been mortgaged then do not endorse the check without checking with the financial institute. The moment you receive the check from the insurance firm, endorse it only after it has been released by your mortgage firm.
  • Insurance policy: If you have a home owner’s insurance policy, ensure that you have understood the details of the policy carefully. This will ensure that you can choose to ask for a complete coverage, in case you need to do a complete reroofing of your home.

Hence, there are a number of policies wherein you can receive complete or partial coverage. So choose the home owner’s insurance policy carefully, before you decide to begin reroofing your home.