Fighting the Common Pitfalls You’ll Face While Reviewing for the CompTIA A+ Exam

StudyingThe CompTIA A+ exam is often regarded as the starting point of a highly certified IT career. The certification requires an in-depth understanding of computers and verifies your foundational skills with computers. Despite its general coverage, however, taking it lightly can set you up for a failure.

Here are some common pitfalls test-takers make that can turn a potential achievement into an unfortunate flop.

Excess Confidence

A fresh graduate of a four-year university program can easily assume that an exam about computers is an easy A. While many of the CompTIA A+ test questions are straightforward and objective, the coverage and depth can be a big threat to your chances of passing. To keep it short: get over yourself and make it a point to study.

Can You Study By Yourself?

Self-studying is OK – but only if you have what it takes. Due to the breadth of topics covered, independent studying can be extra challenging. Be sure to build a study schedule and remain faithful to it so you won’t lose track of your progress. Check out the official CompTIA website for a list of the topics you need to review on.

Online Study Programs

Online study programs can be the most cost-effective way of studying. While it can increase your chances of passing the exam, it remains affordable and will allow you to study from anywhere in the world. CertBlaster, a provider of practice tests for CompTIA A+ examinations, argues that taking a mock exam can prepare you for the actual one. You’ll get to practice the exam interface as well as get a feel for the question structure and the coverage.

The CompTIA A+, despite probably being the least technical in all the major certifications, shouldn’t be taken lightly. The certification will give your future employers trust that you have the skills for many relevant industries as an IT professional. It is for this reason that anyone eyeing a high rating on the certification exam should consider all possible resources and tools on hand.