Feed Your Wanderlust

David Mitchell, an award-winning writer said, “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

Travelling paves the way for exciting experiences, renewed mind and a sharpened perspective. You may be sitting in front of your computer now, wondering about how life would be so much better if say, you could fly to Brisbane at the moment and appreciate Picassos in Queensland Gallery of Modern Art; relax on a cruise in Brisbane river; enjoy a cup of coffee while taking the view in at Mount Coot-tha Lookout.

travellersTravel light

Easy and hassle-free, that is how travelling should be. Experts from Terrace on Gregory believe that travellers should be provided with space, comfort and rest. After probably the longest travel of your life, you deserve not only the softest bed and the most delicious food, but also a nice, warm bath. When these simple necessities are met, you are able to ponder without stress about the day, the people you met and the new things you have tried for the first time. You are also able to plan your next destination and imagine the places you have yet to see.

Choose wisely

Where you will stay for the next few days will determine the places you can visit and the adventures you can experience. As much as possible, you want to maximise your time in a place. Choose a place near tourist attractions so you can explore more. If the place where you are staying is close to shopping malls, theatres, museums, restaurants and other important establishments, you are exposing yourself to the many opportunities of meeting people, trying out various cuisines and learning the culture of the place. The key is in strategizing.

Schedule a me-time

Whether or not you are travelling with a group, you should have a me-time. You can easily be caught up with the exciting adventures, but remember that taking a rest in between activities is also important. A restless body and mind would do you no good. Take a break. When you have replenished your energy, you can enjoy the places more and relate more sensibly with fellow tourists.

Travel; go tick that off your bucket list and have a good, relaxing break.

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