Errors Homeowners Could Make When Installing Gutter Systems

Properly installed gutterGutters do not only collect and direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation, it also makes your exteriors more appealing. While the most appropriate thing to do when installing gutter systems is hiring qualified contractors, some homeowners prefer doing it on their own. According to experts, homeowners who prefer do-it-yourself projects commit mistakes when installing a gutter system. Here are some of them:

Choosing the wrong gutter type

Gutters come in different gauges, materials, styles, and sizes. Although each gutter type has drawbacks and advantages, choosing the wrong gutter type could be a nightmare. says that an advice from a hardware store or a roofing contractor could be useful. The standard gauge of most gutter systems is 26, but if you live in places that receive heavy rains and snow, it’s advisable to go for 32.

Installing a wrong, inaccurate pitch

The gutter systems you see with perfect evenness could be due to a cautiously crafted illusion. The gutters should direct water towards the downspouts and this isn’t possible if they don’t have a slight pitch. For every gutter length of about 40 feet, there should be a decline of one to two inches. Any pitch with the wrong measurement will not be able to sweep dirt and debris away.

Spacing the hanger improperly

Many homeowners use hangers or a mounting system to attach the gutters to their house. If the hangers are not closely spaced together, however, the gutter system will be weak. Rain gutters without the right support may sag, allowing water to collect in the lower places of your home and eventually rip it off. Gutter systems with wrongly spaced hangers send rainwater to the wrong place.

Although gutter systems look simple from the way they hang, it doesn’t mean they need no skills to install them. If you install them wrongly or commit any of the above slip-ups, you would cause more damage to the foundation of your home. Let a qualified roofing contractor guide you on which gutters to choose and probably install them for you.