Employment 101: 4 Freelance Jobs for Today’s Generation of Workers

Freelance Jobs Are you a single mom struggling to balance work and parenting duties? Do you want to pay off your student loans ahead of your peers? If your salary from that nine-to-five job is not enough for all your bills, getting an online freelance job is your solution.

There exist legitimate freelance online jobs for you. Here are four of such freelance work that you can apply for:

Web Developer and Designer

If you’re into computer programming and website design, you can deliver web development services for small-scale employers online. Business owners that offer project-based, one-time jobs need graphic designers, illustrators, and even video producers to build their website. Consider these jobs if you’re familiar with photo and video editing and production.

SEO Content Writer

A freelance copywriter is essential in search engine optimization (SEO). To boost online presence, marketing wizards create content, build links, and develop websites to make a business’ site appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). If you’re an English or Communication major, and you have a way with words and creating unique content, this is the freelance job for you.

Marketing Planners

What good is a solidly designed website and strong content if nobody knows about the business? Entrepreneurs turn to social media marketers, marketing strategists, and sales lead generators for help in this area. These online marketing jobs may require a deeper understanding of how the Internet runs. These are ideal for Business or Management majors.

Virtual or Administrative Assistant

With an established website, intelligent content, and sound marketing plan, the business will now need a dedicated staff to keep track of the daily visitor traffic and handle the overall business administration. You can work as a freelance transcriptionist, web researcher, or project manager if you’re up to the challenge.

Earning extra allows you to take care of yourself and your responsibilities. These four freelance jobs offer you the luxury of doing work within your comfort zone.