Effectively Combining SEO and PPC to Increase Your Traffic

SEOOne of the main concerns for business owners is whether to use PPC or SEO. When it comes to implementing a search engine marketing strategy, you should aim to include both PPC and SEO. Search engine optimization is those techniques you implement such as link building, using relevant keywords and having a clean web design. These techniques are what get you to search engine page results.

Additionally, these results are regarded as being credible than paid ads. However, SEO requires patience for you to get the results as search engines keep changing their algorithms and you have to stay ahead. Furthermore, getting professional SEO services can be costly but at the end, its pays off once you establish long-term search visibility.

On the other hand, PPCs are the sponsored results that mainly appear alongside or at the top of natural search results. In short, the more competitive your keyword is, the higher the ranking you get. You only get to pay when someone clicks your ad, thus, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting quality visitors. Unlike SEO, PPC ads can get you same day results.

Reasons Why PPC and SEO Should Work Together

SEO Uncovers High Performing Keywords

When building a PPC campaign, you’re required to have the right keywords that will drive traffic to your site. SEO can help you monitor niche phrases and long tail keywords that rank your site. Moreover, you can now expand your PPC keyword set to include ignored keywords to stay ahead of your competition.

Assisted Conversion

So if your business has all the traffic and ranking and it’s not converting into sales, then it means nothing. Running an SEO and PPC campaign shows you how each campaign is performing and helps you know which one is boosting conversions.

PPC Quality Score

SEO is meant to optimize site pages for organic search. The inclusion of PPC allows the SEO team to include ad quality score. A good quality score translates to lower costs when placing ads.

And if you would like to know more about pay per click and search engine optimization, consult a reputable digital marketing solutions provider to get information about which strategy best works for your business.