Easy Tips to Alleviate Wax Pain for Sensitive Skin

Leg WaxingWaxing is one of the most affordable, convenient methods of hair removal. However, when waxing is mentioned, a lot of people are quick to imagine the pain and the side effects that come afterwards. There’s just something that having your hair chucked out by a piece of dried wax that makes you think “ouch!” The good news is that waxing doesn’t have to be painful and stressful. 

So if you're thinking of scheduling a waxing session in a Brisbane spa but afraid that it would hurt, The Brazillian Hut shares some tips that can help alleviate the pain.

Use a body scrub before the waxing session. 

You’re probably wondering why you’d even scrub your skin before going for a wax session. The truth is that exfoliating the skin works as it makes work easier since you’ve already gotten rid of the dried skin oils, dirt and dead skin cells. The reason waxing is painful for most people is the fact that they have accumulated debris clumps which make pulling out the hair difficult. Do this some hours before to give your skin time to fully recover.

Take a warm bath. 

Unknown to many, taking a cold shower only causes your skin pores to shrink. This means that the waxer will have to struggle to grapple the hairs making the waxing session painful. Warm water opens up the pores, making the work easier and less painful.

Avoid alcohol or coffee before a waxing session. 

A good cup of coffee is a great way to get energy for the day. However, coffee has some ingredients that increase acidity in your body making your skin sensitive throughout the day. The same applies to wine and alcohol. Skip the coffee until you’re done with the session.

Apply a coat of baby powder. 

Applying powder a few minutes before the waxing session makes the grip better and protects your skin from getting pulled out.

To learn more about how you can make waxing less painful, visit a spa facility where experts will provide you with quality waxing and tanning services.