Ducted Air Conditioning for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Air conditionerIn Australia, air conditioning systems need to satisfy the National Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), including ducted air conditioning units. By purchasing a cooling system that meets these standards, you can make certain that it is energy-efficient.

Why Energy Efficiency in AC Matters

Through the rigorous MEPS, air conditioners that are sold in the Australian market are now more energy efficient. These standards, as reported by the Australian Government’s Department of State Development, ensure that such cooling devices have reduced energy consumption. The lower the energy consumption, the more energy efficient the equipment.

Highly efficient ACs like ducted air conditioning run on lower amounts of electricity to provide comfortable, cool air, resulting in lower electricity bills. Older cooling systems are not as energy efficient as the more modern ones, so it is best you look into your options and consider upgrading. This way, you do not have to continue generating significantly high monthly electric bills.

Key Benefits of Ducted Cooling Systems

When planning to purchase a new air conditioner, consider getting a ducted cooling system. These provide several benefits, and are most ideal for certain situations.

Ducted air conditioners are ideal for whole home cooling needs. Every room in your home gets to enjoy cool, comfortable air all year round. These devices are also easy to control, with as many as six zones being provided with air conditioning. Air is also distributed properly and evenly, with reduced risks of cold or hot spots. These are also considered to be among the quietest of all types of cooling systems available in the Australian market.

Best of all, ducted air conditioning systems are often the most cost-effective option for many homes, especially when compared to the purchase and installation of separate, wall hung systems. With the right choice, you can even increase the overall value of your property.

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