Drive Sales: 5 Ways to Create a Compelling Retail Signage

Compelling Retail SignageCreating a compelling signage is not just about using colourful graphics and big letters. To create an unforgettable retail sign, you have put your thinking cap on and make an effort. Your retail sign should capture customer interest while giving them important information about your products and services.

Here are few tips on creating compelling retail signage:

Short and Simple

Attentions spans have decreased significantly, so it is important that your message is short and straightforward. Create a short slogan that will help people remember your brand. The display of a memorable logo in your retail sign or illuminated signage is also a good way of helping people remember you.

Easy-to-Read Fonts

Use clear and simple font types and avoid those with curly clues and striking colours. If customers can’t read your sign as they walk or drive by, chances are they will just ignore it. You have to get people drawn toward your message and your product. A simple but creative sign can help you intrigue more people and drive sales.

Involve Customers

People will buy your product when they can visualise themselves using it. Help them become more involved by incorporating the words ‘you or yours.’ Retail signs will surely be stronger and more relatable with the addition of these words.

Make It Fun

Boring signs are forgettable. Make an effort to grab people’s attention by using puns and jokes. If you’re not comfortable using gags, make your slogan or signs creative. Just make sure that it isn’t generic. Rhymes or catchphrases are a good choice. Be unique and avoid copying the mottos of popular brands.

Test Your Sign

Even if you feel that you have the perfect sign, you still have to test its overall effectiveness. Ask others what they think about your sign. If they cannot understand it, make changes and test your sign again. Make sure that people get what you are trying to convey.

Creating a compelling sign is an enjoyable aspect of retailing. Follow these tips and get help from a professional sign writing business to create unique and functional sign.

3 Comments on Drive Sales: 5 Ways to Create a Compelling Retail Signage

  1. Before, I only used a massive chalkboard standee thing outside to attract customers. It gained a lot of attention but my store became a big hit when I use illuminated signs.

  2. Never underestimate the power of a compelling signage. You should be more creative and use hypnotic words to capture people’s attention.

  3. I love it when people use joke or punch lines in their signage. It provokes me to post it on social media sites and let my friends comment about it.

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