Dress for Success: Avoiding Common Fashion Mistakes in Men

men's fashionBad style habits are the main causes of fashion mistakes made by most men. By learning a few basic fashion rules and adjusting your wardrobe accordingly, you can drastically reduce the number of fashion crimes you are committing.

Here are some of the most common errors men make when it comes to dressing up:
Wrinkled Clothing

Few men can pull off the sloppy look of wrinkled clothing, but most guys just cannot. Avoid wearing wrinkled clothing if you are dressing to impress, as it can make you looked like you slept in your clothes. It is best to iron them first so you’ll always have a fresh and clean style. Looking nice means taking good care of your clothes and making sure they don’t look sloppy.

Shiny Shirts

Apart from looking loud and awkward, shining and shimmering shirts also look cheap. If you want to make a statement, do it the right way. Fashion experts from 5Pointz.co.uk suggest wearing quality shirt and fabrics. Quality garments from reputable brands like 10 Deep can help with a great ensemble.

Bizarre Look

It is not always a great idea to incorporate your sense of humour with your style. Dressing fun is not always appropriate for most occasions like going to the office or attending parties. It will also send the wrong message and may even make you the source of laughter. Stick with the classics and avoid wearing different colours. Mix and match the right way to avoid looking like a clown.

Too Small, Too Big

Wearing pieces that are too small or too tight is similar to wearing a bizarre outfit. If you gained a few pounds, ditch the shirt or pants that hug your body tightly. The same goes for oversized clothing, as it can also make you look cheap and old. Purchase proportionate clothes for a more presentable look.

Socks and Sandals

Wearing socks with sandals is awful and senseless. Sandals are designed for providing comfort and ventilation. Pairing it with socks is completely unacceptable and defeats the whole purpose of the footwear.

Learn how to pull the right look off with these tips. Invest in a few designer pieces for a presentable and polished look.

3 Comments on Dress for Success: Avoiding Common Fashion Mistakes in Men

  1. You forgot to mention wearing clothes with stains. This heinous fashion crime ruins a nice outfit. Pretending that a stain is invisible is just dreadful and tacky!

  2. I used to wear and pile on different colours for my every day look and did not realize how big a fashion faux pas it was! Avoid this at all costs, unless your goal is to make people laugh!

  3. I just hate it when I see guys wearing too many accessories. It perfectly fine to wear jewellery but make sure to use caution when it comes to flashy and shiny pieces!

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