Don’t Leave Your Car Out in the Open During an Accident

car accidentRoad accidents can happen to anyone, and this includes even the most prudent and careful drivers. In most cases, since panic is the first reaction that sets in, a lot of motorists who get involved in such unfortunate events tend to leave their car right away.

This is something you should not do. 131 Tow says you should not just leave your car out there without doing the following first:

Get Somewhere Safe, Away from Traffic

According to the Queensland Police Service, the first thing you should do is to manoeuver your car towards a safe place, if you can, and as soon as possible. Check if anyone has been seriously hurt or injured, and if someone has, especially a pregnant woman or an elderly, call for an ambulance right away.

Call for Help

Depending on the severity of the crash or the accident, you need to report the incident. Reportable cases are those that involve injuries, fatalities, and threats to public safety. If the other party you got into an accident with appears to be intoxicated or does not want to provide contact information, you should also report it to the Queensland Police Service.

Stay With Your Vehicle

There are three primary reasons for staying with your car: first, you want to make sure that opportunists (thieves, burglars) do not take advantage of it. Second, getting on the road, on foot, especially if it is a busy road, can get you injured or worse, run over. Third, you need to be present when the Brisbane accident tow truck service you called arrives at the scene.

As hard as it may be to imagine, staying calm can prevent more serious repercussions after getting involved in a road accident. Keep your wits with you and remember the above-mentioned tips, so you and your vehicle remain safe.

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