Does Your Skills Set Match the Needs of Employers Based in New Zealand?

 New Zealand EmployerThe population of New Zealand is ageing rapidly, and the birth rate is comparatively low. Manpower shortage is a real concern with a population numbering merely four million people. Some available jobs are on the immediate skill shortage list while others are under long-term categories. The industries looking for immediate hiring include hospitality and tourism, engineering, transportation, health, IT and telecommunications, construction, farming, fisheries, and mining.

The demand for highly skilled workers

New Zealand is one of the countries in the world actively seeking skilled labour from other countries. Many of the job vacancy listing agencies in Auckland need to fill require a university degree or some form of professional specialisation. The growth of New Zealand’s economy depends largely on the efficacy of its workforce. The program to attract skilled workers to New Zealand is ongoing, and it has become more challenging because other countries are also looking for skilled labour. They are providing better wages, and companies in New Zealand must offer comparative rates.

A long list of professions and positions

If you are interested in working abroad, you should consider the job offers now available in New Zealand. There is a long list of positions. These are some of the most highly in-demand, in no particular order: plumber, welder, mechanic, orchard manager, interior designer, electrician, computer programmer, veterinarian, system analyst, design engineer, architect, film animator, secondary school teacher, dentists, surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, and nurse.

You can enquire about a job vacancy while still in your home country. It is easy to exchange information with a potential employer through e-mail and telephone calls. It is easier to pass migration requirements if you already have a job offer.

Today, the food production, machinery, and textile manufacturing industries in Auckland and Christchurch are booming. They are in need of skilled labourers and managers. No worries, if you do not have the set of skills required by this sector. Check out New Zealand job listings online for work opportunities that are compatible with your skills and past work experience.